Order, Payment and Delivery Condition

There are 4 ways to order which are

  1. By placing the order directly on our website
  2. By sending email directly to praparat@worldwidebrush.com
  3. By calling to Telephone no: (662) 4204312-6,4312460-1
  4. By sending fax to Fax no: (622) 4312459, 8111314


After placing order, customer can make payment by

  1. 1.       Direct bank transfer



Branch:  Lotus, Phet Kasem 81

Account Name.  Praparat Rojsurakitti

Account No.  649-2-01365-8


Branch:  Lotus, Phet Kasem 81

Account Name.  Praparat Rojsurakitti

Account No.  401-6-01022-5


** After payment, please us copy of pay-in slip from bank or ATM and

-          Date/Time and payment amount

-          Order no.

-          Name-Surname

-          Address

-          Ordering item name or product code

-          Ordering quantity


  1. 2.       Pay direct to WWB staff while the goods are delivered to you.


 There are 2 ways to deliver the goods;

  1. Pick up goods by yourself at World Wide Brush Company, as following address in website
  2. By shipping: shipping cost is 100 Baht. However, the cost of shipping is free, specialty for the order amount which is over 500 Baht. Delivery will be within 7 business day in the area of Bangkok & adjacent provinces. Company will call upon customer to confirm date/time  after getting order (in case of delay delivery, company will inform customer in advance)


Company will contact customer as soon as getting the order. Customer must ensure contact number is correct. In case of no response from company within 2 days, please contact company again.



-          The price is 7% VAT excluded. If customer needs VAT, please inform in advance.

-          For the case of order below 500 Baht and would like to get free delivery charge. Customer can ask company to pick up the goods at the location on company’s regular delivery route. Please specify ‘pick up on the route’ in as comment in the order. Company will contact you directly to confirm the pickup location.

-          The goods can be changed in case of wrong delivery or damage only.

-          In case of picking up the goods at company by yourself, goods should be examined as to grade and condition at the company.

-          In case of company’s delivery, goods should be examined as to grade and condition on arrival.

-          In case of post service shipping, if incorrect delivery or damage found, please contact company within 1 day. Company will rearrange new delivery at once.

-          After above inspection of goods period, company shall consider the customer accept condition of delivered goods. Customer shall not return or refund the goods.

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