World Wide Brush Co., Ltd. is one of the most experienced manufacturer of houseware and brush products. The company has provided a number of high quality brushes for nearby 40 years. World Wide Brush was first founded in 1987 by Mr. Pramote Rojsurakitti. World Wide Brush Co.,ltd was established to manufacture brushes and sell products to local markets and overseas, under Sun Brand and Bird Brand. 

The brush factory is located at 54 moo 10 Soi Bansakaengam, Liabklong-Prasicharoen Rd., Suangluang, Krathumban, Samutsakorn 74110 Thailand. 

World Wide Brush has associated companies as following.
1. World Wide Mercantile Co.,Ltd has been established in 1987. in the purpose of selling general merchandise to all local market and oversea customer.
2. Sunsea International Co., Ltd.founded in 1999.The company operates as World Wide Brush distributor to department store. 

Our Product
World Wide Brush’s product can be divided into 2 main categories.

1. Household Brush

  • - Laundry Brush
  • - Toilet Brush
  • - Floor-scrubbing Brush and Mop
  • - Construction Brush
  • - General Brush

  • The material can be divided into
  • Brush Block
    • o Wooden Made
    • o PP Plastic Made
  • Brush Fiber
    • o Plastic Fiber
    • o Natural Fiber

2. Industrial Brush

  • This is made-to-order brush. We can produce the wide variety of brushes that are manufactured for today's market place.
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